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Our winery & restaurant specializes in everything wine for more than 70 years. That was the reason why recently we've decided to launch an array of additional services.

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Most of the times if you say “wine”, most of the people will instantly come up with “France” in their associative thinking… But despite that popular notion, not all the wine comes from that European country.In fact, besides the US having a 15% cap in the worldwide wine trade total,...

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This winery is owned by the Bavarian state, as indicated in the name Staatlicher. The Residence is depicted on the wine label.


Herzlich Willkommen bei Weingut Bader Im Herzen vom Tuniberg, auf der Anhöhe Wippertskirch in Freiburg-Opfingen betreiben wir unser kleines ausdruckstarkes Familienweingut. Nach Generation übergreifenden Erfahrung im Weinbau, entschlossen wir uns im Jahre 2003 unseren Lebenstraum zu verwirklichen und gründeten unser Weingut (Betriebsgröße ca. 6 ha).Unsere Weinberge bearbeiten wir Umweltschonend, so...